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Peter Moore: Fans Want An “Annual FIFA,” FIFA 17 Will Be More Competitive

Peter Moore says fans still want an annual FIFA game he explained why. According to Moore, “there’s always been a desire for sport gamers to have a new game that coincides with the new season”

EA Sports wants players to engage with FIFA just like real world sports. He explained that each game is impacted by real life events such as Messi saying he wouldn’t play internationally. That needs to be highlighted in the game. FIFA 17 is going to take the franchise one step further.

What is different though has been how we kept those games alive”, explains Moore. “Six, seven years ago you got FIFA, and we would update it a little bit… but there wasn’t a day to day – like we have now – reflection of what’s going on in the world of real football.

We have a very large team in Vancouver [Canada] that all they do is look at what we need to do to deliver everything that’s going on in real football in the world of FIFA, everyday: team of the week, team of the season, Messi announces he no longer wants to play internationally for Argentina – that needs to be reflected

He went on to say that FIFA games are pretty much turning into live services. Developers want the game to feel fresh and the only way to continually do that is to have it mixed with real world football as much as possible. Also, EA plans to host more FIFA events in Europe with the release of FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 is going to be more competitive.

Peter Moore said they need to have more competitions, they need “feeder systems feeding up all the way up until the FIFA Interactive World Cup.”

FIFA 17 will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and other platforms later this year.

Source: Gamesreactor