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Nintendo Reconfirms Nintendo NX Release Date, Quality of Life Concept

Nintendo’s 2016 Annual Report has been released, and among all of the numbers (which likely includes a lot of gushing over how well Pokemon Go is doing), Nintendo has reconfirmed a release date for the Nintendo NX of March 2017. In addition to that, Nintendo detailed a quality of life concept that is now being developed.

The Nintendo NX hasn’t even been shown anywhere yet, not even at E3, but it’s likely that Nintendo has now locked in a release date for it and we may be getting actual details about it soon. But then again, there’s also the quality of live concept that the report talks about.

This Monday, Pixart announced that they would be placing a heart monitor inside the NX itself, which could be used both as a safety measure for the health of its players and as a monitor for how high your heart rate is.

If Nintendo is going for another version of a fitness game, it seems like we now finally know what that will be used for.

The Quality of Life initiative that Nintendo uses was something put in place by its late president Satoru Iwata, and is merely one area of the section of Nintendo that can help people get up and exercise. With the Wii starting off the motion game craze and being wildly successful, not to mention Pokemon Go getting so many people up and about, Nintendo may have something interesting on their hands.

Aside from the Nintendo NX news, the annual report says that the intent of the quality of life concept is an attempt to get people to include their quality of life in fun and creative ways, so maybe we’ll have another version of something like Wii Fit, or a new version of motion controls that hopefully won’t spawn a new generation of half-assed imitations.