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Atlus Shows New Persona 5 Characters Via Trailers

One portion of every Persona game is the social link system, and Persona 5 is no exception. Atlus has released seven new trailers showing off a bunch of new Persona 5 characters that all seem to be part of the Persona 5’s social link system, meaning that in between fighting Shadows, pulling off heists, and school, you’ll likely be hanging out with them for the in-game year that you’ll be playing.

Fitting with how Persona social links normally are they’ve got a wide variety of personalities and jobs. Starting out various Social Links and completing them will also allow you better and stronger Personas to use while in battle, so players are always encouraged to make as many friends as they can.

The new Persona 5 characters include Chihaya Mifune (a fortune teller), Sadayo Kawakami (a teacher at your school), Ichiko Oya (a gossip journalist), Hifumi Togo (a high school student and champion shogi player), Shinya Oda (an elementary school student), Yuki Mishima (another student at your school), and Toranosuke Yoshida (a politician that likes to give speeches by the train station.)

While a lot of these characters may seem shallow on the surface, another reason for the social links is so that you can help them overcome their own personal problems, though until we know more about these new Persona 5 characters, we’ll have to make guesses as to what those are.

With all of these new characters the cast of Persona 5 appears to be getting bigger and bigger, and while the Social Link characters may not have really big roles, they’ll still provide some more fleshing out to the game world.

Persona 5 is slated to release in September 15 in Japan for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3.

It will release in America in February 14 on the same consoles, and alongside a few other games that will be releasing around that point. Considering how many fans of Atlus Persona 4 made, however, I doubt anyone’s worried the game won’t sell well.