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Is a New IP in the Works For Eiji Aonuma?

The newest game in the Legend of Zelda series, Breath of the Wild, is going to be releasing sometime soon. However, the series director, Eiji Aonuma, may be working on a new IP soon, if rumors are to be believed. According to Aonuma himself, representatives from Nintendo have been asking him to work on a new IP. At the same time, they also want more Zelda games.

Eiji Aonuma has been the head of the creative team for the Zelda games ever since Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, back in the 90s. After Wind Waker, the first Zelda game for the gamecube, Aonuma wanted to move on to other games but was persuaded by Shigeru Miyamoto to stay.

However, Aonuma has said that he’s actually wanted to make a new game, one where the player is actually a thief. It could be a rather significant departure from Aonuma’s other work, but at the same time, considering how Link gets a lot of his rupees, he’s actually something of a thief already. An incredibly destructive thief, that is.

If Eiji Aonuma actually makes a pretty good game about a thief, Nintendo might have its own version of Sly Cooper on its hands, as long as Sony doesn’t want to put out a new entry into the series after Thieves of Time came out in 2013.

At the same time, however, that could lead to people comparing the gameplay to Sly Cooper, unless Nintendo does its own thing with it.

However, until Nintendo actually announces that Aonuma is working on a sort of thief-like game, we can’t really be sure if any new IP is actually in the works for him. Whether he sticks with Zelda or actually moves on to a game revolving around a thief will likely rely both on his own feelings on the matter and on what Nintendo wants him to do.