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Ubisoft Developing a New Battleship Game, Releases in August

Ubisoft is apparently developing a brand new Battleship game for Xbox One and Playstation 4, and will be releasing the game in August. According to the blurb on the official Ubisoft blog, the new Battleship game will include two modes, with classic mode and Clash at Sea, a new campaign mode.

Pretty much everyone knows about Battleship, the classic board game featuring five ships, way too many red and white pegs, and a pair of “computer consoles” that you and your opponent play with as you attempt to sink the other player’s fleet.

Various Battleship re-imaginings have taken place over the years in both video game form and physical board games, adding in new dimensions like scout planes, special weapons like torpedoes, and even terrain like volcanoes that you can make erupt to cause devastation among the enemy fleet.

This new Battleship game from Ubisoft will be containing two different modes, as mentioned above: the classic, five-ship mode that you can use to play via multiplayer with your friends online, or Clash at Sea, a campaign mode that has an actual story in it and that gives your ships special abilities powered by resources that you collect during the campaign.

What other sorts of mechanics this new Battleship game will have we’ve got no idea as of yet, but it may just be a regular Battleship version with a few text cutscenes slapped on, especially considering that the last good board game that had a “story mode” attached, Risk: Factions, was somewhat middlingly received.

Ubisoft’s blog has also said that they’ll be releasing an UNO game soon for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Both the new Battleship game and UNO will be joining Ubisoft’s version of Risk that’s already on the Xbox One.

The game will be available for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on August 2, so if you’re looking for a cheap game to waste some time on, be on the lookout for it.