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Dev Explains God Of War Anger Meter And What It Means For Gameplay

God Of War is far from a finished game, but the gameplay we saw during Sony E3 press conference gave us some idea. The most peculiar thing was the Anger meter in the game, which fills when Kratos lets his anger control him. Now the developers have explained that God Of War Anger meter plays an important part in the game, and even compared Kratos with Hulk.

Speaking with Digital Trends Cory Barlog, the lead animator of the game, discussed the  God Of War Anger meter, how it works and its role. According to Barlog, one of the problems with Kratos is dealing with monster in the box, and we believe the monster is his anger.

One of the main themes of this story is Kratos wrestling with the monster in the box.

Barlog said that Kratos has been fueled by anger, which we have seen in the previous games. He said that in the upcoming game, even with different setting and his son, there is still trouble out there looking for Kratos. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you see it, Kratos has a difficult time controlling it.

With the addition of the anger meter, players can now see how Kratos’s anger rises and falls. However, players will have some control over his anger, so whether or not players decide to fuel his anger, its entirely up to them.

Barlog said that the God Of War anger meter is just an illustration of Karato’s anger, and has no negative consequences. It will be in the control of the player to activate Krato’s anger. However, there will be consequences for those players who are just trigger happy, as part of the story is Kratos keeping his anger in check.

According to Barlog, Players might lose control over the God Of War anger meter if they frequently activate Kratos’ anger. Also there are still other possibilities that developers are considering, there are different possibilities of how Kratos will act once players lose control.

Barlog compared Kratos with Hulk, by particularly referencing the scene from The Avengers. Before transforming to Hulk, Bruce shares his secret that he is always angry. Barlog said, much like him Kratos has anger within him.

God Of War is currently in development at Sony Santa Monica Studio, while no release date has been announced, the game will probably release in 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.