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Final Fantasy XV Aims to Define “the Future of Gaming”

Final Fantasy has a legacy like no other RPG with millions of fans around the globe. Loyal fans that have been with the franchise since the beginning. These fans along with new ones that joined the community are itching to get their hands on Final Fantasy XV.

The game has been in development for 10 years. Yes, 10 years in the making. Originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, this project got off to a poor start. Ideas never jelled together so development was slow. Sometime in 2012, Final Fantasy Versus XIII changed direction and transformed in Final Fantasy XV.

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The scale got bigger, the concept got bigger, as Hajime Tabata joined the project. Speaking in a recent interview with IGN, Tabata says they always aimed to impact the future of gaming with their projects. With Final Fantasy XV, that is exactly what Square Enix intends achieve.

An open world RPG game like no other!

Recent Final Fantasy games have somewhat been a linear experience. The player is constrained to a given area. Back in the day, the RPGs we played felt more open and had more freedom. If you see a dungeon you can access it, if you see a river you can cross it. RPG games allowed more freedom to the players in NES and Super NES days.

Final Fantasy XV is going to bring back that feel.

Final Fantasy XV is designed as a travel by car game as you are allowed access to a massive open world. Devs added parking areas so that this massive world wouldn’t feel sparse.

Lead characters can park their cars and freely roam around the area to find dungeon etc. Of course, there are other activities available to the player. Final Fantasy XV open world does not revolve around its lead characters. It is a living breathing world filled with wildlife.

Time and weather will change as the player moves around the world. Square Enix aims to deliver wonder with its open world environment.

Speaking of lead characters, devs who joined Final Fantasy XV didn’t fully scrap ideas from Versus XIII. Character models and details were picked up but enhanced to be on par with current technology. Between the announcement of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and XV, the tech had improved.

It was necessary to keep up.

Square Enix wanted the game to be played across the globe so each element from Versus XIII was evaluated in order to find the best possible version to be presented globally.

The luminous engine uses physical based rendering. It is able to calculate atmospheric simulation clouds. This allows developers to express various forms of lighting on the new Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV is coming out in September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.