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Dutch Company Claims To Own No Man’s Sky Formula For World Generation

Before announcing the final release date for No Man’s Sky, Hello Games was involved in a legal battle  for using the word “Sky” in the game’s title. However, the lawsuit was settled. But it looks like the battle is not yet over for Hello Games and No Man’s Sky. According to a claim from a Dutch company, it owns No Man’s Sky formula of world generation.

In the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf this company claims to own the No Man’s Sky claim to have invented this “Superformula”. The Dutch company said that the formula used in No Man’s Sky is similar to theirs.

The company’s representative told the newspaper that he has tried many times to contact Hello Games with no luck. No Man’s Sky formula used in the game is actually not based on the Dutch company’s formula as both of them are based on original Lamé Curves, which was first discussed by Gabriel Lamé in 1818 so it could be a coincidence.

According to Dutch Chamber of Commerce registry, the company claiming to own the formula filed for bankruptcy in 2013 but some time later the company relaunched its business.

We’ll have more for you on the story soon.

In related news, the disc size for the No Man’s Sky has been revealed and the game has gone gold.

According to Hello Games, No Man’s Sky file size is 6GB and also the first update for the game is already in the works. It is unknown that the update would be day one patch or will it release some time after the game’s launch.

No Man’s Sky is a first person open world adventure survival video game and is scheduled to release on August 9 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4. We have high hopes for this unique concept and are hoping that it fulfills the expectations upon its release.