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Battlefield 1 to Be More Competitive and eSports Friendly

Peter Moore from EA said Battlefield 1 going to be more competitive and eSports friendly. As you know, eSports is a growing market and millions of fans from across the globe tune in to watch live events.

It makes sense that EA would try to tap into eSports with Battlefield 1. COD is a well known eSports title and many events are hosted across the world. However, Battlefield is still behind in terms of eSports exposure.

Peter Moore spoke during an interview and stated:

Battlefield 1 has esports in mind, but one of the great things about our Battlefield series is they last years, and I spoke on stage about millions of people still playing Battlefield 4, and BF4 could be at its best ever right now. With the modes we have in there… Look, we had a rocky start with Battlefield 4, but it’s never been better and so many people enjoy playing some of the modes we have in there competitively.

He went to say that they will keep making Battlefield game more eSports friendly over the years. Battlefield 1 is just the beginning and it seems they have long term plans for eSports.

The thing you’ll see with Battlefield 1 is, yes it will have stuff, but we will continue to refresh that game over the coming years with a view to how do we make it more competitive gaming-friendly. More to announce on that in the future, but that is the beauty of having online play – not only the fact you and I can play against each other if you’re here in Spain and I’m in the US, but we can update the game, and we can deliver new content and new modes very quickly and very easily

Battlefield 1 netcode is seeing improvements as well which was necessary if EA wants to enter eSports. According to analysis, Battlefield 1 netcode is much better than Battlefield 4. Of course, Battlefield 4 was a mess in many ways and it took a while for developers to fix it.

Battlefield 1 will release in October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Gamereactor