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Pokémon GO Generates Revenue At An Alarming Rate of $10,000 Per Minute

The latest cultural phenomenon Pokémon GO generates revenue at an amazing $10,000 per minute. There is no doubt Nintendo struck gold with this latest mobile game and now a new tracking website has surfaced that tells users the rate at which Pokémon GO generates revenue through its downloads. According to the website, the game is downloaded more than 5,000 times every minute which in turn ends up generating north of $10,000 for Nintendo and developers Niantic. The game has even surpassed Candy Crush Saga.

By comparison, the highly popular game Clash of Clan generates around $2600 per minute. Although in its defense we can say that it has been out for quite a while and Pokémon GO released only recently.

The website lists some other interesting stats as well according to which the 10 most popular mobile applications generate more than $24,000 per minute.

The craze behind Pokémon GO is so viral that even Microsoft’s Xbox division jumped aboard the bandwagon and tweeted an image yesterday where they reimagined their Halo, Forza and Crackdown franchises as Augmented Reality based GO games similar to Nintendo’s title.

Pokémon GO gave Nintendo such a huge boost just through its mobile market that the company now has more net worth than Sony, which managed to sell more than 50 million PS4 consoles since their launch. Nintendo is standing at a market value of $40 billion while their share prices have doubled since the game launched.

This marks the company’s biggest growth phase since the launch of their NES console with their shares going up by 86%.

A new iOS based app has been released by some community members to help locating different Pokémon. The Pokémon GO Radar map application allows players to find rare Pokémon through the map by input from other community members (which can have its fair share privacy issues). The app even has a filter feature in it so players will only see the Pokémon they are interested in.