First Batman The Telltale Series Trailer Released, “Time To Save The City” On August 2

Telltale games has finally lift the curtain from Batman The Telltale Series with an amazing gameplay trailer which gives us a first good look at the game and its premise. The Batman The Telltale Series trailer introduces us to Harvey Dent, Vicky Vale, Carmine Falcone, Alfred, and of course, Bruce Wayne and Batman, who is voiced by none other than Troy Baker.

The Batman The Telltale Series trailer starts with Alfred, voiced by Enn Reitel, giving Bruce Wayne advice to step out of the shadows. He probably means to leave the Batman business behind, as he fears that it will be the death of Bruce. The trailer also gives us glimpses of Bat cave, Bat Mobile and Wayne Manor, and as a fans of the batman games I am impressed with the visual art style.

The trailer also shows some gunman entering which probably looks like Mayor’s office, while in the background Alfred is advising Bruce that there is room for both, Batman and Bruce, in the suit. The trailer also shows Harvey Dent giving a speech, for his DA election, about the corruption and greed of the city.

The trailer gives us a hint towards the premise of the game as Bruce Wayne is playing friends with Falcone, in order to bring him down. Also a revolution is also brewing up in the Gotham City and one of the character suggests Bruce that once it starts be sure to be on the right side. Well I believe he is threatening the wrong guy.

The trailer ends with Bruce Wayne fixing his tie and putting a smile on his face while saying “Its time to save the city”. Maybe Bruce is going to a fund raiser for Harvey’s election campaign.

Batman The Telltale Series first episode is dubbed “Realm Of Shadows”, and it will be available digitally on August 2, 2016 for iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game is also available as a physical copy which is live for pre-order on Amazon.