Watch Dogs 2 Sales Should Be Close to First Watch Dogs

Ubisoft is optimistic that Watch Dogs 2 sales should be very close to the sales of the first Watch Dogs. Despite a middling reception for the game it still sold very highly, so with the adjustments made to Watch Dogs 2 hopefully the game will end up being as good as Ubisoft can make it.

Watch Dogs 2 is going to be a slight departure from the original, taking place in San Francisco instead of Chicago and with a much more vibrant color palette, along with a new protagonist and a new cast of characters.

Ubisoft’s projections of Watch Dogs 2 sales are primarily based on a survey that they took of US buyers of the first game, which asked if they would play a second Watch Dogs. 85 percent of those surveyed said yes, and Ubisoft also said that the reveal of Watch Dogs 2 was met with a very positive reception worldwide.

The reveal trailer of Watch Dogs 2 has already received around 30 million views, and gamers have been praising the game’s new tone, new hacking mechanics, and new gameplay. The first Watch Dogs game sold around 10 million copies, so if Watch Dogs 2 sales build off of the original Watch Dogs we could see Watch Dogs 2 sales actually passing the original Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs 2 will be having a large number of different changes come into it, including improved driving and hacking mechanics and a new dimension of gameplay, in this case with various drones that the protagonist has. With the help of these drones, Marcus Holloway (the protagonist) will be able to go through an entire mission without even setting foot inside of a building, as long as the drones stay out of sight.

Watch Dogs 2 is slated to be coming out on November 16, 2016, so until then we’ll just have to be patient and hope that Ubisoft gives us more gameplay.