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Ubisoft Uno Card Game Announced, Online and Leader-boards Confirmed

Do you like card games? UNO specifically? Do you have no friends? Well, then this Ubisoft Uno card game is perfect for you. Well, okay. That last bit was a joke. Or was it? At any rate, Ubisoft announced Uno today and it is coming for the PS4, PC and XboxOne.

Obviously you can’t have a virtual card game without an online component. The Ubisoft Uno card game’s online component allows players to communicate via voice and video chat. Additionally, the company promised a global leader board for those with a sense of competition.

Uno comes out on August 9 2016. Not long to go now.

In all seriousness, this isn’t anything new. Since their inception, video games have crafted different mediums of entertainment into software. Movies (Okay, those aren’t THAT successful), novels, anime, sports, comics and ancient games. There’s a sense of awe when you play your hobby or sport in a video game. (I’m still waiting for my fencing game. For Honor will have to do for now)

Games are fantasies. They’re the perfect immersion medium. Even if you’re not a fan of a certain sport, anime or movie, games can induce a completely unique experience. You may find yourself a fan of Football (Yes, that game Americans call soccer) when you’ve never watched a match in your life.

Simulations of real life are always incredibly popular. That’s what this Uno card game is. It’s a simulation of the real life game UNO. Sometimes even, games can go very far with a simple board game and spawn something completely unique.

I suppose that’s the best aspect about video games. No other entertainment medium has that element. Anyways, this should be seen as welcome news by avid UNO players. It’s a nice little project for people to tinker with. Maybe Ubisoft can spice it up somehow. Story mode maybe? Since it’s a Ubisoft game, maybe there’ll be towers to reveal the map?