Titanfall 2 Videos Series Will Focus on Development Process

Respawn Entertainment has posted the intro of a series of Titanfall 2 videos that will be taking us inside the development of the game as Titanfall 2 continues to be developed after its first official trailer at E3. While there isn’t much in it, it promises a lot to come.

Respawn Entertainment released Titanfall in 2014, and it got fairly positive reviews. However, it got criticism for a lack of any real single-player and slightly repetitive multiplayer, despite the Titans and parkour that the game brought onto the gaming stage.

Titanfall 2 promises much more for people, having an actual story mode that will explore the depth of the relationship between a pilot and their Titan, and will likely feature a large number of new set pieces. In addition to the story mode, the Titanfall 2 videos will hopefully take us through the multiplayer as well.

In the intro video, Drew McCoy, the producer on Titanfall and Titanfall 2, welcomes us to Respawn Entertainment. The Titanfall 2 videos will be taking us through the final phase of development for the game, including how the game’s multiplayer servers will be changed, along with the matchmaking system, networks (where you can make groups of friends), and the more gameplay-oriented parts of the game as well.

Titanfall 2 promises a variety of new mechanics in its game, not just with the improved singleplayer but also with the multiplayer as well, including new Titan weapons (including a giant sword), new Titan variants, and more.

Titanfall 2 is supposed to be coming out on October 28, coming a short distance behind Battlefield 1, EA’s other hotly-anticipated first person shooter game. Both games are so hotly anticipated that Mountain Dew has moved away from its stereotypical endorsement of Call of Duty and put it behind Titanfall 2, likely in response to the horrible bashing that Infinite Warfare got on YouTube.