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Skyrim Remastered Preload, Language Support Plans Revealed by Bethesda

Apart from the question of new downloadable content packs, fans of Skyrim have been asking a lot of questions about the Skyrim Remastered preload as well as a number of other issues like the reason why it is coming for free to PC and whether they will bring support for other languages or not.

So in case you were wondering whether Bethesda Softworks is going to drop language support for any regions, or add more languages, Pete Hines, the head of marketing and public relations at Bethesda has an answer.

The game is going to be released with full support for all the languages that were supported in the original release.

Moving on, people inquired about the Skyrim Remastered preload plans, to which Hines revealed that in the next couple of weeks you will be able to pre-purchase and download the game to your platform digitally.

Parallel to this, Skyrim Remastered Edition has been priced at $60 which is the same as a full AAA title, and not something one would expect from a redone game. Since the complaints about this were loud, the go-to guy for Bethesda’s PR, Pete Hines recently responded to them.

He says that the value lies in having “all DLC and mod support and updated graphics running on two new consoles,” but also that “if you don’t want that, don’t buy it.” Interesting.

The Remastered title will be released in October this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC, will you be getting the Skyrim Remastered preload when it starts in the next couple of weeks?