Nioh Gets a Second Playable Demo Next Month

Boy, has it been a long time. Nioh fans are some patient lot. Fortunately, we can at least get a taste of the game before it finally releases. Writing on Playstation blog, Community Manager Chin Soon Sun confirmed the date for the second Nioh Demo, which was revealed at E3 2016.

Keoi Tecmo made the first Alpha demo available between April 26 and May 5. The first Nioh demo had its problems, but fans received it well nonetheless. As a result, players on reddit and elsewhere compiled their detailed lists of critique on the gameplay and mechanics. On August 23, fans will get to see if Keoi Tecmo and Team Ninja heard their feedback.

Today, we’re happy to reveal that the second downloadable demo will be available for download and play via PlayStation Store from 23rd August until 6th September!

The second Nioh demo will feature all new stages, katanas, spears, axes and hammers. Additionally, a new Dojo stage will serve as the tutorial hub for players old and new. This definitely addresses complaints about combat presentation.

Announced back in 2004, Nioh stuck in development hell for years. The initial pitch was based on an unfinished script by filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. Additionally, Koei planned to release a companion film alongside the game. 

The story originally centered around the eponymous protagonist, Oni, the son of a Japanese lord and a Western woman. Nioh, originally called Oni, had a target release for summer 2006. Oni missed the window and Koei went quiet about the game.

Nioh resurfaced in 2009, confirmed to still be in development. Finally, Koei Tecmo re-revealed Nioh with its new name and premise in September 2015.

It has certainly been a long wait for Nioh fans. If you were 20 when Keoi first announced it, you’d be 32 now. Amazingly, Nioh still maintains a sizable and loyal fanbase. Over 800,000 have played the first Alpha. Surely, these same people are eager to jump back into the world of Nioh.