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Report: Pokemon Go Releasing In Japan Tomorrow, Mcdonald’s Partnership Confirmed

Pokemon Go is the wildly popular game ever released for a smartphone in which players can catch Pokemon in the real world. However, the game has not yet been released in the Pokemon homeland, Japan, but a report suggests that Pokemon Go is releasing in Japan tomorrow, July 20.

CEO of Niantic Labs, John Hanke, previously said that the studio will not release Pokemon Go in Japan until they are sure that they can handle all the traffic. He also said the game might release by the end of July, however, some analyst speculated that September is a more likely option.

However, according to the report from Techcrunch, Japanese fans of the Pokemon will not have to wait long to play the game. The report suggests that inside sources have confirmed release date for Pokemon Go in Japan to be July 20th.

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As it was previously rumored about Mcdonald’s has partnered with Pokemon Go, the report confirms that Mcdonald’s will be the first sponsored location for the Pokemon game.

The report suggests that almost 3000 Mcdonald’s establishments in Japan will be the Pokemon Gyms as a part of the partnership. However, the report does not mentions any chances of extending the partnership to other regions like US.

Japan will mark the first country in Asia where Pokemon Go will be released, as Niantic has ignored Asia to launch their game in North America and Europe first. Also Hanke has announced that the game will release in 200 countries soon.

In related news, Pokemon Go accounts are being sold and for as much as $350, for instance level 14 account that is being offered for $100 and the higher the level the more it will cost.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Las for iOS and Android.