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How Pokemon Go Has Made Nintendo Bigger Than Sony in Net Worth!

These are some of the more exciting days for Nintendo, Pokemon Go has ushered them in the best growth phase since the NES era and according to the latest reports, their shares have gone up by 86%, $17 billion in market value. But they didn’t stop at that.

Looking at the current market capitalization of Nintendo, they are standing at $40 billion, all thanks to the gigantic increases in share value. And in doing so, they have achieved yet another feat: Nintendo is now valued higher than Sony!

Talk about making a statement.

The share price of Nintendo has doubled since Pokemon Go released, and now stands at 30,000 Yen, which is the highest they have reached in the past six years.

All this is pretty exciting for the Nintendo fans – and surprising for Sony fans at the same time – but a number of counter arguments are being given.

For instance, people are saying that since all this was done by a single game, it will all go away in a single blow as well (or at least it can). Well, yes it is a possibility, but honestly, the number of times we have seen Nintendo do their magic suggests otherwise.

They were slacking in the decision regarding the future of the company before, but not any more. Nintendo has decided that they will take both mobile gaming as well as mainstream gaming forward, and they have only just started with the former.

We think this will truly be the turnaround that people have been waiting for.

However, will they go third party in order to sustain the growth or not is yet to be seen. What we can speculate is that if the hype created by things like Pokemon Go and Nintendo NX becomes hard to continue, then they will want to go that way.