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Pokemon Go Accounts Being Bought and Sold for as Much as $350

All hell’s breaking loose wherever Pokemon Go has been released, and noww the hype has gone up so much that high level Pokemon Go accounts are now being sold by people all over the place.

Leveling up in the game is important as ever, and it usually takes a lot of walking and catching Pokemon in order to get to a considerable level, which is why some people have resorted to spending hundreds of dollars in order to get a jump start.

If you check Craigslist or eBay you will come across a horde of listings for accounts with details. For instance, there is a level 14 account that is being offered for $100, and another level 15 account for $100 again.

If you are one of the high spenders, you can get higher level Pokemon Go accounts too, such as an account with “Level 20 High CP Rare Pokemon” which is being offered for a massive $300 while a “Level 18 Pokemon Go account with Charizard”” is being offered on Craigslist for $350!

Clearly, these are just some of the examples from among a list of so many other Pokemon Go accounts that are being put up for sale.

And why not, the game is so huge now that it has allowed Nintendo to become a company with more market capitalization than Sony, and it is the top grossing mobile app in all the 33 regions where Nintendo has released it.

However, purchasing an account for real money and playing with it instead of working hard and toiling is the easy way out and really just kills the idea of an augmented reality game that makes you walk as an essential.

A guy who had caught as many as 90 Pokemon as early as July 16 has quit his job to play Pokemon Go, while hackers have also joined in to do what they do best: a DDoS attack was made and countless clones are also being developed for the game.