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Overwatch Skill Ranking System is Flawed Says Game Director

Overwatch Competitive Mode ranks its player by skill, it is something that Blizzard is still trying to get right. The game relies heavily on teamwork and majority of the players play Overwatch solo, however, according to game director the Overwatch skill ranking system is a mistake.

Speaking with Kotaku game director, Jeff Kaplan, said that Blizzard made a mistake with opting to use percentile based system.

We realized a mistake I think we made was picking the percentile based system. Ours goes 1 through 100.

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He said that anything below 80 makes players feel bad, and they are always trying to a skill ranking of 90 and players feel like a total noob if they are in 60’s. However, he admitted that the Overwatch skill ranking is flawed, and a player having skill level of 60 is pretty badass.

Whereas in our system, now that the dust as settled, I’ve realized actually a player with a 60 skill rating is a super badass in our system.

So basically a competitive Overwatch player has a reason to be proud of its 60 skill ranking, but they feel bad about it anyway. The Overwatch skill ranking is somewhat similar to the one to ten video game review scale, that has been rendered useless because of expectations about what each number means.

Kaplan said that once some issue and bugs are fixed, the Overwatch skill ranking system will work as intended.

Once we really look at our skill rating non-emotionally and we look at the distribution curve of where players are at, it’s exactly how we modeled it to be. It’s this beautiful bell curve.

To illustrate his point about how Overwatch Skill ranking system is working, kaplan said that the top 100 players Blizzard’s system are the same one that are dominating the pro-scene.

Those guys are sitting at the top of our system so in that regard, I think our system actually did a really great job of identifying who the great players were and it wasn’t just based on time investment.

He further said that he is not a pro player, so he will not have a skill ranking of 86 to make him feel better. He said Blizzard is working on to make player feel better about their skill rank.

I’m not TviQ so I’m not going to have an 86 skill rating so make me feel good about my skill rating. That’s what we’re working on now, making players feel better about where they’re at.

Overwatch is first person multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.