Overwatch July Update Brings a Ton of New Content, Live Now

The Overwatch July update has finally come out, bringing in a bunch of new mechanics to the game that help with balance and more. Blizzard had been testing out numerous changes last week, and now it seems like the changes are finally going to be coming into the game.

To start with: The Overtime mechanic that allowed the losing team a last-second chance to be able to grab a win, will now burn down faster if the Overtime period has lasted over 20 seconds. Players also spawn more slowly (two seconds longer) in Overtime. Duplicate heroes are also now not allowed in competitive mode.

Miscellaneous changes to the game include that Ana, Pharah’s mother, who was released a few days ago, is now available as an AI-controlled hero in training and whatnot. The time on Zenyatta’s Rapid Discord achievement is now more lenient, and if you use the “Group Up” communication players will now respond with “I’m with you.” Five sprays have also been renamed to avoid duplicates.

The Overwatch July update also came with a large number of hero balance changes. To start with, using self-healing abilities now charges your Ultimate meter. Bastion’s “Tank” ultimate has had its Ultimate cost increased by 10, so you won’t hear it trumpeting as much anymore.

In the case of D.Va, her Defense Matrix’s cooldown now only has a one-second cooldown. D.Va also now has a resource meter that tells when Defense Matrix is ready, and it charges when not in use. On a full charge the ability will last for four seconds, enough for you to hopefully get out of trouble. The ability is also now classified as an alt-fire ability. D.Va’s Self-Destruct ability also now has a smaller delay, a lower Ultimate cost, and also now doesn’t damage D.Va.

Other heros include Lucio (his Sound Barrier ultimate has had its cost decreased), McCree (his Peacekeeper fire now deals full damage at longer distances but if you’re too far away you’ll deal less), Mercy (her buff will no longer stack with another Mercy, her Resurrect has had its cost increased), Roadhog (his Ult’s cost was increased), Soldier (his heavy pulse rifle will begin to recover spread after a short delay and his Tactical Visor has been increased in cost) and Zenyatta, who has been buffed a great deal in essentially everything to make him a more viable hero.

The Overwatch July update also includes a number of bug fixes and changes to the user interface. If you’re curious, you can take a look at this link here to see everything.