Overwatch Bug Affecting Progress And Loot On PlayStation 4

A new Overwatch bug on PlayStation 4 has ended up resulting in a huge loss of progress for many players. The community is pretty much ready to wreak havoc on Blizzard for this latest Overwatch bug that not only affected their level but also Competitive ranking and loot.

The issue seemed to have surfaced on 11th July after players reported on the forums that they have lost their levels, competitive rank, skins and other items they acquired through loot boxes. Many people even spent real currency to purchase those loot boxes and all their acquired items are now gone.

Blizzard’s official Twitter account was quick to acknowledge the issue and assured players that a solution will be found as soon as possible. The very next day Blizzard told players that the root cause for this progress loss was found and fixed so no one else will lose their progress and loot in the future.

There has however, still been no word on whether those who lost all their hard work’s reward will be getting their levels and loot back or not. If they won’t, whether Blizzard will at least reimburse those who bought loot boxes using real money remains to be seen.

The issue is only affecting players on PS4 so Xbox One and PC users can rest easy, although it won’t be such a bad idea to note down all their legendary skins just in case they need to contact Blizzard in the future for something similar.

Despite being universally praised as one of the best IPs to launch in recent years, Overwatch has had a fair number of issues and controversies surrounding its launch. Even before the game released, many people were of the view that a multiplayer only title shouldn’t be sold at such a high price tag.

Recently, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism asked Blizzard to remove the legendary Devi skin for Symmetra from the game as it was “inappropriate and confusing”.

The game is also set to receive its first free playable character, Ana, a support sniper.