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Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 is free on Microsoft’s Store for Some Reason

Seems like it’s a good couple of days to be a Minecraft Story Mode fan. Redditors recently discovered that Minecraft Episode 1 of Story Mode is available for free on Microsoft’s store. For now, it’s apparently only free for Windows 10 users. Furthermore, the discount seems to only be available for US members. The discount is not available for Canada, England nor Czech, as reported by redditors.

This is a good opportunity for any new fans who want to jump into the action. Minecraft Episode 1 would certainly be a good indicator of whether or not one wants to invest in Minecraft Story Mode. If you’re planning to get it; however, you better hurry. This offer ends in 10 days. No regrets when there’s nothing to pay, right?

Minecraft Story Mode tells the story of Jesse, a passionate and newbie Minecraft player. Jesse and their friends set out on an adventure within the Minecraft world to find the Order of Stone. The Order is made up of 5 legendary heroes who saved the Minecraft world.

Currently, Telltale games has announced 8 episodes. the first 4 episodes were part of the first arc. Episode 5 serves as a bridge between the two arcs. Episodes 6, 7 and 8 are part of the final arc of the Minecraft Story Mode.

The season pass includes Episodes 1 through 5 at no additional cost. Also, Episodes 6, 7 and 8 are downloadable content for the main game, so you’d have to purchase each individually.

Just yesterday, the trailer for episode 7 was released. It features a new antagonist called PAMA; A sentient evil computer. As a result, Jesse and his team have to fight him if they wish to escape from his world. Furthermore, the trailer revealed a release date of July 26, next week. The final episode will most likely arrive before the end of this year.

Watch the trailer for episode 7 here.