Lawbreakers Enforcer Class Highlighted In New Video, Just Like the Assault Class

A new video highlights Lawbreakers Enforcer class showcasing characters from both, Law and Breakers factions. The video is first of a 4-part series started by developers Boss Key Productions which will feature the playable classes in the game.

The video regarding Lawbreakers Enforcer class shows what can be considered as the typical assault class from almost every FPS game. When playing as the Law faction, players will fill the shoes of Axel while those playing for the Breakers faction will be choosing Kintaro.

Both characters seem to have very distinct personalities but also common ground in their need to shoot enemies on sight and ask questions later, typical of heavy weapon wielding brutes.

Both factions will have access to the Aerator Rifle for medium-long range, Badger Shock Pistol for close range encounters and shoulder-mounted Bloodhound launcher for annihilating enemies.

A new closed Alpha test of Lawbreakers is scheduled for Friday 22nd July and will end on Saturday the 23rd.

Those interested in taking part can check out the official Twitter account of Cliff Bleszinski, the game’s designer and the mastermind behind Unreal Tournament and Gears of War franchise. If they are lucky, they might get an invite during some giveaway.

Alternatively, they can also sign up on the Lawbreakers website for the chance to get an invite.

In terms of other recent updates to the game, Lawbreakers introduced a new map called Promenade. This new battleground takes place in the middle of a futuristic Santa Monica/Los Angeles shopping complex. The map was also shown during the E3 trailer released in June.

Lawbreakers is also set to receive a new game mode called Turf War. No details of it are known yet although the name suggests it might be something like Conquest or King of the Hill mode common in other FPS games. More details about this new mode will be revealed during a livestream this week.