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Ubisoft Reveals For Honor Beta Numbers, More Than The Division Beta

Since its announcement and reveal at E3 2016, For Honor attracted a pretty big fan-base. For Honor centers around the art of medieval combat. It’s the latest entry in the rich genre of hack and slash combat. Ubisoft released a closed For Honor beta test earlier this year.

Also, Ubisoft scheduled another beta and registrations are open. In an investors call earlier today, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed an interesting fact. For Honor beta registrations exceed those of the Division during the same period last year.

For Honor was one of the surprises that stood out during E3 last year. I was personally present at the E3 reveal. I also had the chance to try out a demo at the Uplay Lounge. As a fencer, the premise piqued my interest. The presentation left a great impression. For Honor is not completely unique among its peers of the genre, though. It’s compared to The Samurai and Shinobi series quite a lot.

For Honor is more of an innovator. It takes a heritage of hack and slash games and adds its own flavor. Titled the art of battle, For Honor’s combat is both malleable and fun. It forgoes speed and combos in favor of a slow and methodical loop.

For me, this is the epitome of the fencing combat. Many people dismiss For Honor’s potential simply because it’s a Ubisoft game. Sure, it’s one of those games that are bland to watch. I personally thought so too at first until I got to play it. What’s special about the combat mechanics is that the features revolve around the system itself. Nothing feels like fluff. No action feels pointless. It’s a pure combat simulator.

The core loop revolves around timing, anticipation, and distance. Parry, dodge, and attack. These three actions correspond perfectly to the three pillars. I can see problems popping up later, still, but the potential is there. For example, I played an online multiplayer demo. There’s no guarantee computer AI will make for a fun experience. My experience centers entirely on fighting other players. So this is all I can go on.

This spells a positive, though. I’m interested to see how this goes. For Honor releases February 14 2017 on PS4, XboxOne and PC.