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Civilization VI China First Look Trailer, Meet Qin Shi Huang

Sid Meier’s Civilization’s official Youtube channel just released a new first look trailer. This time, it shows off the Chinese civilization. The trailer introduces Civilization VI China’s leader, Qin Shi Huang, first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. It also summarizes the abilities and attributes unique to the Chinese civilization.

One interesting thing noted by fans is that the Great Wall is now exclusive to China, it seems. In previous Civ games, all civilizations could build a Great Wall (No, not THAT wall. Trump is handling it). It certainly adds a deeper sense of uniqueness to each civilization. Civilization VI China is shaping up to be quite fun.

This series of trailers started with the American civ getting a first look in June. Theodore Roosevelt will rule America as the 26th president. After that, we got a first look at the English civ. Queen Victoria will rule England. Cleopatra will rule Egypt. And finally, Hōjō Tokimune will rule Japan.

Civ VI is a turn based strategy game, part of the popular and acclaimed Sid Meier series of strategy games. In Civ VI, players compete against other civs. Players have to expand, maintain and control in order to win.

This latest addition to the series also brings many new features such as improved AI and nonlinear paths towards civ improvement. Additionally, Civ VI has an all new engine which will reportedly improve modding.

Game Informer revealed Civ VI back in May. Developer Firaxis Games promised overhauls to the core gameplay. Consequently, Development started with a clear design strategy, which is 33/33/33. 33% of the game would retain established systems. 33% would feature improved systems. Finally,  The remaining 33% would feature new material.

Civ VI was shown later at E3 and given a release date of October 21, 2016. It releases on Windows PC, Linux and OS X.

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