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Battlefield Was Getting Complicated so DICE went Back to its Roots: Patrick Bach

In a recent interview, Patrick Bach from EA DICE revealed that Battlefield was getting complicated. According to him, Battlefield 4 was a great game but things were getting a little too complicated. This is one of the reasons that motivated EA DICE to go back the root of all battle.

Hence, Battlefield 1!

The new game takes place in World War 1 and simplifies combat. It truly takes feedback seriously and places lots of embashize of hardcore boots on the ground action.

EA DICE made sure they benefit from that extra development time and bring something special to the table.

It’s a bit of both actually. DICE believes that the game is not the setting. You could argue the setting is just the wrapper, when you do it wrong. When you do it right it, it influences the game and feeds into the fantasy of what is happening. I think we came about it from both directions, and we found a kind of perfect middle ground. Battlefield 4 is a great game, but the problem is it’s getting more and more complicated. So the more things you want to do, it adds on top of its complexity – because of the nature of modern weaponry and all the different complicated systems that you then need to implement because of the era

So, we thought, ‘Let’s reinvent Battlefield from the ground-up, go back to the basics of it’. Make sure it’s an intuitive, visceral, epic experience – rock, paper, scissors and all the classic Battlefield elements. But then really look into what are the elements that are most fun, and focus on those.

Battlefield 1 World War setting is as authentic as it can be while keeping gameplay elements fun and fresh. The title will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in October.