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Amy Hennig Discusses Visceral Games Star Wars Game Development

Not much is known about Visceral Games Star wars title, however, some rumors began to run wild on the internet about the game being open world third person action RPG but those were quickly shot down.

During the recent Star Wars celebration creative director, Amy Hennig, shared some information about the development on Visceral Games Star Wars game, its process behind story and characters and more.

Speaking during Star Wars celebration panel  Amy Hennig explained the reason behind writing an original story about Star Wars universe with new characters, locations and more. She said that all of this has to done perfectly for it to be recognized by fans who know a lot about Star Wars.

The reason [we’re collaborating with Lucasfilm so closely is] we’re writing an original Star Wars story with new characters, locations, tech, creatures, you name it. All of it has to sit authentically alongside the stuff people know now. The process that I’ve been using is really similar to what I did with Uncharted, to be honest. If you’re trying to re-create that classic–in [Uncharted’s] case–pulp action adventure experience, you need to deconstruct the films so you know how to reconstruct them in an interactive context as gameplay.

She said that the goal behind Visceral games Star Wars game is that, when a players finishes it he/she must feel like they have played a Star Wars film.

The end goal is by the time the player has finished playing they feel like they really did play a Star Wars film. So I’ve done the same thing for Star Wars. What does that mean? It’s getting the structure right. It means you have to understand where the act breaks fall, where all the obstacles and reversals fall, and the set-pieces. [You need to know] what are all the component parts that make up a Star Wars story.

However, it is not much to go by, but Hennig compared the Visceral Games Star Wars game with Uncharted 4 which gives us a slight hint that the game will be an action adventure title set in the same Star Wars universe.

It means getting the tone right. It’s what my writing partner Todd [Stashwick] calls breezy urgency. It’s the idea that there’s sort of a swash-buckling charm to the thing. There’s humor and buoyancy but at the same time there’s stakes and jeopardy.

Visceral Games Star Wars game will be published by Electronic Arts, as the company has made 10 year deal to develop and distribute Star Wars games.