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Street Fighter 5 Juri DLC Release Date is Expected to Land in Next 10 Days

Capcom is not done with Street Fighter 5, and a new update is already coming our way. What’s more, this new content update is going to add more to the one thing that you can never have enough of i.e. the playable characters. We are talking about the Street Fighter 5 Juri DLC which, according to new developments, is just around the corner.

The downloadable content plans have been shared by the developers at a recent EVO 2016 livestream which was held a number of other details were shared about the championship.

Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter 5 at Capcom was a part of the livestream where he dropped a few lines about the next content update.

According to Ono, the developers are going to release the Street Fighter 5 Juri DLC at the end of this month i.e. July 2016. Since we are already well past the first half of the month, and only 12 days are remaining in the month end, we can easily predict that the new character will be released in about ten days.

The trouble would have been avoided if Yoshinori Ono had just given us a specific release date.

While all that is pretty good, the history of Capcom is a little shady when it comes to timely releases and the Street Fighter 5 Juri DLC might also fall in the same category.

With this in mind, lets hope the developers meet their deadlines.

That being said, a mod version of Juri has already been shown at the start of this month alongside Urien showing how both the characters would look.

Parallel to that, changes made in the Street Fighter 5 Cinematic Story Mode Update were also detailed by Capcom last week, hit here to read up on them.