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Pokemon Go: Rare Pokemon Appears in a Park, All Hell Breaks Loose

Pokemon Go has become a global phenomenon. It is more popular on Google than porn and is the top downloaded app in 33 countries. Players all over the world are going crazy over this new augmented reality game.

In fact, we recently heard that a player quit his job to find Pokemon across Australia. He already has 90 of them. Today, we came across a very intersting video that shows players going crazy when a rare Pokemon appeared at a local park.

Pokemon Squirtle appeared at Downtown Park, in Bellevue, WA. And as you can see, hundreds of Pokemon fans rushed to catch it.

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This is just one example but there are hundreds of such videos posted online. Nintendo is making money hand over fist with Pokemon Go. Millions of downloads and the game isn’t even released in many regions. Its developer recently said that they plan to bring the title to around 200 countries.

One can only imagine how this would affect the community. Pokemon Go players will be out in the streets across the globe. Such passion for a game is rare, the reception for Pokemon Go is just amazing.

Sadly, there have been some unfortunate incidents as well. A recent report revealed that criminals were using Pokemon Go to lure their victims. In fact, a man was stabbed multiple times while others were robbed.

Go players are advised caution by authorities and it is not recommended that you play the game at wee-hours.