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Pokémon GO Windows 10 Mobile a Possibility in the Future According to Microsoft

Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, pretty much everyone is playing it through Android or iOS devices. From the looks of things, it seems as if Windows 10 Mobile users will also be jumping aboard the Pokémon GO bandwagon real soon.

According to an official feedback report by Microsoft, the AR based Pokémon GO might be headed towards Windows 10 Mobile store for. While few in number, this will ensure that users on Microsoft’s OS don’t feel left out and can join in on the latest mobile gaming craze.

The developers of the game, Niantic, however, have made no indications that they are going to or are even interested in releasing the game for other platforms besides iOS and Android. Makes sense since these two are the mobile operating systems that have the biggest market share.

This whole tease of Pokémon GO potentially appearing on Windows 10 Mobile started after some users started sending in feedback to Microsoft, asking them to release the game for their own platform. Microsoft listened to their demands and responded via the Feedback Hub.

pokemon go windows 10 mobile

While they didn’t outright say that they will be bringing the game on Window 10 Mobile, the lack of any refusal suggests there might actually be a possibility of developers and Microsoft working together to make this thing a reality. Of course it will involve Microsoft filling up Niantic’s coffers with a lot of greens but that shouldn’t be a problem for them.

It’s understandable that Windows 10 Mobile users are eagerly waiting for this game. After all, not only is it the top grossing iOS app in all the 33 countries it was officially launched in, it also managed to earn more than $14 million through microtransactions.

The game is such a big cultural phenomenon right now that people are actually going to parks in droves in order to get their hands on just one rare Pokémon, without paying much thought to some of the dangers that come with such a game.