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Pokemon GO hackers Claim Responsibility for DDoS Attacks

Pokemon GO just can’t help attracting the wrong type of attention, it seems. Last week, Pokemon GO servers crashed and it left millions of players buzzing. Also, Niantic didn’t comment on the issues immediately but urged players and fans to stay patient. At first, many blamed the fact that Pokemon GO became available in 26 countries at once. A huge surge of logins would consequently crash the servers. Now; however, one hacker group called “OurMine” has claimed to be the Pokemon GO hackers. As of now, of course, Niantic resolved the issue and servers are back online. Seems like Team Rocket is up in full force.

Hackers are nothing new to software. They hack games like The Division to give themselves godly advantages. That’s not the type of hacker that got into Pokemon GO, though. This particular group of Pokemon GO hackers had a different goal in mind.

Apparently, “OurMine” has found holes in the security algorithms of Pokemon GO. Speaking to Tech Crunch, a representative said they wont stop the attacks until Niantic contacts them. “OurMine” uses a distributed denial of service (DDoS) to keep players from logging in.

The representative has demanded that Niantic contact them on their website so that “OurMine” can “teach them how to protect their game”. Very humble, this group of hackers. What a great way to teach someone something. Break their stuff first then demand communication second. Unorthodox you say? I say it’s edgy.

What’s funny is that another hacker group has claimed responsibility for the attack through twitter. So much for protection from other hackers.

At any rate, server issues plagued the app since its release. That’s not surprising, given the number of daily players.

Niantic keeps working to address all issues. Maybe someone ought to tell the hackers that they should consider the fact Niantic are professionals. I mean, I get wanting to teach them but Niantic has to grow up on its own some time, eh?