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PlayStation VR Performance Will Improve While Price Will Decrease Over Time

PlayStation VR price will decrease while performance will increase over time. Sony’s Masayasu Ito promised that the company will take steps to offer better VR experiences by boosting hardware performance.

Of course, one aspect of this is PlayStation 4 Neo.

The console comes with 4K compatibility and VR games should benefit from its upgraded hardware.

Furthermore, PlayStation VR may completely go wireless in the future. However, the current hardware isn’t powerful enough to pull this off, said Ito.

Sony is the only console maker working on a VR device. It has the market to itself and has many big name publishers behind it. At E3 2016, Sony announced Batman Arkham VR, Resident Evil 7 VR and more. We also have a Battlefront VR experience in development.

PlayStation 4 Neo release date coincides with PlayStation VR, according to a recent listing on Amazon. The price for the device is EUR 399.99.

PlayStation 4 Neo might release with special bundles featuring PlayStation VR. Sony is placing high bets on PlayStation VR.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is working on an Augmented Reality device, HoloLens. It isn’t targeted toward gamers but it is applicable. Some games are in development for it including Minecraft but according to Microsoft, the world isn’t ready for HoloLens. This means it will take a while before we see HoloLens in the market.

Microsoft admits that it made mistakes with Kinect but same won’t be the case with Hololens.

Source: GamerSky