Playstation 4 Neo Release Window Might Have Just Been Leaked by GameStop CEO

GameStop CEO Paul Raines may have just leaked the Playstation 4 Neo release window, if he’s telling the truth. The executive, in an interview for CNBC, implied that the console would be released sometime this year, as he spoke about both the Playstation 4 Neo and the Xbox One Scorpio together.

It makes sense that the Playstation 4 Neo release window will likely be this year, considering we’ve been hearing about it for months even before E3 while the Xbox One Scorpio and the Xbox One S have only been public knowledge since last month, when they were revealed at the Microsoft E3 conference.

Microsoft has, however, announced an August release date for the Xbox One S, a slimmed-down version of the Xbox One.

While the Xbox One Scorpio may be releasing sometime in 2017, if what Paul Raines said was true Playstation will be putting out its own mid-next-gen console before Microsoft does. The Playstation 4 Neo boasts 4K resolution on both games and video, and will also be compatible with the Playstation VR system.

In contrast, however, the Xbox One Scorpio includes 6 teraflops of processing power, which may allow it to up the resolution and framerate on its own games. With both consoles also offering the ability to play games without having them in 4K, it will all come down to which console does it better.

GameStop itself rolled Raines’s statement back a little, saying that he was speaking broadly and that there was no confirmation yet that the Playstation 4 Neo release window pointed to the console coming out in the holiday of this year. However, an Amazon France listing has also put out an October release date for the PS4 Neo.

Previously, Raines had also claimed that the Playstation VR was due for a release in the 2016 holiday season, even before Playstation itself had announced the release date.

Whether Raines is correct or not, anticipation is high for every console, but which one will do best is still up in the air.