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Nintendo NX Will Support Pixart Heart Monitor?

The Nintendo NX may be able to save your life in the future. News has leaked that the console will be supporting a Pixart heart monitor when it releases. However, the monitor won’t be the main focus of a console. That has been, and always will be, the responsibility of the NX’s games.

Nintendo has often advocated an active lifestyle for its playerbase, including such games as Wii Fit, Personal Trainer: Walking, the Streetpass system on its 3DS, and the original Wii console with its motion controls.

More recently, it released the wildly popular Pokemon Go mobile game, which has already made the news in both good and bad ways.

There isn’t any real idea so far of what having a Pixart heart monitor in the Nintendo NX will actually do for the console or for the gamer. It seems like that would be something that might be better suited to the original Wii, which required the most exertion out of all of the Nintendo consoles.

However, it may not be for data-gathering, but instead player monitoring. If it truly is a heart monitor, maybe it’s something that could help contact emergency services if a player has a heart attack or something else while playing a game.

At the same time it could be something more innocuous than that; the Pixart heart monitor may just be indicative of something akin to the Kinect on the Nintendo NX. Pixart is already responsible for a good portion of the work that’s gone into the Xbox Kinect, so it’s likely that the NX may have some log-in similarities to the Xbox One.

However, we’ll have to wait until Nintendo actually officially announces the Nintendo NX to know anything for sure. The NX, despite months and months of leaks, has failed to materialize at any Nintendo event, even at this year’s E3. We may be seeing it probably next year, but until then we’ll have to be patient and wait to see what the console looks like first.