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Minecraft Access Denied Trailer and Released Date for Minecraft Episode 7

Who would’ve thought Minecraft would have a story mode? After all, it was the antithesis of story games, originally possessing no end goal nor characters. Fast forward and so here we are. Almost done with Minecraft Story Mode and the 7th episode is upon us. Telltale has revealed the episode with a Minecraft Access Denied trailer and release date. Access Denied has a tentative release date of July 26, 2016. So exactly next week.

The Minecraft Access Denied trailer shows glimpses of the narrative. Furthermore, it introduces the antagonist PAMA in comical fashion. Access Denied continues the story of Jesse and their friends as the gang continues searching for a portal to return home when they land in a world controlled by PAMA. PAMA is a sentient computer that wants to command everyone and everything. Its final goal is ultimate efficiency.

Jesse will have to take down PAMA if they wish to leave this world. Additionally, Yvette Nicole Brown will voice a character called Harper, the latest addition to the cast.

Access denied is the second episode of the Story Mode adventure pass released by Telltale games, which costs $14.99. The pass contains episode 6, now 7 and in the future, 8. Telltale games initially brainstormed Minecraft Story Mode in 2012.

Finally, the studio announced the game two years later. The idea came about to fill in the blanks of the Minecraft story. Telltale expressed that they weren’t trying to replace established elements. Rather, they were looking to tell a story in the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft Story Mode follows Jesse, a passionate but newbie Minecraft player. Jesse sets out with his friends to find the legendary Order of Stone. The Order is comprised of adventurers who saved the universe of Minecraft.

Minecraft Story Mode follows 2 arcs. The first 4 episodes released from October through December 2015. A 5th episode acts as a connecting tissue between the first arc and second arc, which comprises of episodes 6 through 8.

Telltale has one more episode planned before it wraps up Minecraft Story Mode. Access Denied will be available for $4.99 on its own.