Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Dogfights, Zero Gravity and More

Despite the immense dislike people showed to the official reveal, Infinity Ward says that they have not changed a thing about the game. After that, they have been regularly showing off a number of different features of the game like the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Dogfights, Zero Gravity, Kit Harrington playing the villain and much more.

We know that there are going to be space based combats in the game, and that completely changes the dynamics of how the game is going to play out. Unlike other COD games, this one is going to take you above the skies for dogfights, and we have recently gotten some more insights into what that is going to be about.

Brian Horton, the head of art direction at Infinity Ward has recently been discussing these special features of the futuristic space based first person shooter, including Call of Duty Infinite Warfare dogfights and Zero G combat.

Basically, “the jackal combat and the zero-G components are definitely some big investments that we’ve made in the single player campaign,” he says, adding that these components “really center around the ship the Retribution.”

When you go into your ship as Lt. Reyes, the captain you’re going to be able to go on the ship assault missions; and you can pick different points within the solar system, execute that location, and you’ll go there and be able to do jackal dogfights, zero-G combat, ultimately mount one of the SDF ships and take it out. There’s going to be multiple opportunities to do that all throughout the game.

In all honesty, the developers have really gone in depth with features that they want to be the selling points of the game, and to some extent, that is also going to include some special weapons and vehicles.

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