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Pokemon Go Fan Quits Job to Catch All Pokemon, Have Caught 90 Already

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, as people are playing the game no matter where they are. Since its release the game has seen its share of trouble, as there are numerous incidents involving the game. However, one Pokemon fan was so addicted to the game that he quit his job.

A man named Tom Currie has quit his job to play Pokemon Go and catch all the Pokemon across New Zealand for the next two months. This gamer has been a fan of Pokemon since his childhood and said that he had been working for six years and was desperate for a break.

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He has been travelling through the country through bus or on foot to catch every Pokemon there is, and he has been quite successful at that, as Currie has already captured 90 Pokemon at the time with the interview with The Guardian, and there are 151 of them in total.

It is important to mention that no one knows how to capture the Legendary Pokemon, and they might be only available for a limited time via special events. Currie might not be able to complete his quest in two months for this reason, but he will surely evolve all his Pokemon his time and hopefully himself too.

Pokemon Go is only available in a handful of countries, however, the developer has plans to expand their reach. John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic, has said that soon Pokemon Go will release in 200 countries.

Nintendo plans to release Pokemon GO Plus later this month, according to developers it will release on July 29. Pokemon Go Plus is a wristwatch like device which will be connected to the phone via bluetooth. When a Pokemon is near by this wristwatch will alert the player.

Poekmon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Inc. for Android and iOS.