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PlayStation 4 Neo Releasing on October 13 for EUR 399.99

PlayStation 4 Neo is releasing on October 13 for EUR 399.99, according to an Amazon France listing. Amazon is known for leaking details early, it notorious in such matters. However, the listing was quickly removed from the store page.

Note: The listing has now been removed

We already know that PlayStation VR is coming to storefronts in October but Sony releasing Neo at the same time seems odd due how silent they’ve been. It is possible that the listed release date is mistake from Amazon.

Just a couple of days ago a leaked documents suggested that PlayStation 4 Neo devkits will keep heading out the door till Spring 2017. That means a release date should be set around Autumn or Fall 2017. Now either the listing was incorrect or the leaked document was forged.

Sony hasn’t discussed anything related to PlayStation 4 Neo and our sources tell us that Sony plans to show Neo at PlayStation experience. Sony’s GamesCom plans aren’t yet finalized and rumor has it that the company may skip it.

A 2017 release date seems more plausible for the time being. But of course, Sony has a tendency to surprise so you never know.

PlayStation 4 Neo is a 4K compatible machine that is apparently 2.3x faster than the base model. The aforementioned leaked document mentioned its specs in detail in comparison to PlayStation 4. Head over to the link above for more on the topic.

Tell us, will Sony release PlayStation 4 Neo alongside PlayStation VR in October? Comment down below.