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Middle East Nations Warned About Pokemon Go Dangers Near Official Sites

While the Pokemon Go has become quite popular trend in the countries its released, however, some countries are warning the players of Pokemon Go dangers, which is not a surprise given the incidents happened involving Pokemon Go.

Authorities of Gulf Arab States and United Arab Emirates are warning the players of Pokemon Go dangers since since Friday. According to Kuwait’s Interior Ministry, users must resist to point cameras to capture a Pikachu in front of a Kuwaiti Emir’s palace, mosques, oil facilities or military bases.

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Kuwait interior ministry undersecretary, Suleiman al-Fahd said, said that danger in dealing with Pokemon Go is that it involves users photographing the areas which are transferred to a third party site.

The danger in dealing with this game is that it involves the user photographing areas nearby with … smart phones which transfer the pictures of the sites to third parties.

He also said that the ministry has ordered the security to show no tolerance to anyone trying to approach the prohibited sites.

The interior ministry has informed security men to show zero tolerance to anyone approaching such prohibited sites, deliberately or not.

The UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said in a statement that waiting for the Official launch of the game in the country could save them a lot of trouble.

Criminals (can) deploy malicious software posing as these applications … before their release in app stores, using this technology to damage smart phone operating systems or spying on their owners.

Officially the game is only available in US, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Portugal. However, Niantic head John Nanke has said that Pokemon Go will be releasing in 200 countries soon.

Pokemon Go has also helped Nintendo shares to increase by 86%, which is $17 billion in market value and seems that it will increase more as the game is released to other countries.