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League of Legends Replay System Details Leaked

After almost a month, some more details have been leaked about the upcoming League of Legends Replay System. The leaked information about the League of Legends Replay System has been taken from the PBE client so there can and will be further changes in it before the system gets implemented on to live version of the game.

According to the redditor chinaexpl0it, responsible for analyzing the code and releasing this information, players will be able to download and store Replays on their PC. They can however, only be downloaded within a one-hour period of the match’s ending.

Any Replay file can be played by anyone as long as its public or the person took part in the match. There are also reports of an upcoming Replay Browser alongside the ability to check out Replays from Match History.

However, before League of Legends fans get excited about this Replay System, they should realize that Riot Games has been promising its release pretty much since the game launched, which is more than 6 years now. In fact, there have been test versions of the Replay System on PBE client earlier as well.

Seems like this option might not be Riot’s top priority at the moment even after years of promise and fan demand. Well the game is the most played MOBA out there earning its creators millions every month so it’s only natural that they will start slacking off a bit.

Update 6.15 is available for players to test out on PBE right now. Among the possibility of the replay system, the update also brings with it some new skins. Last year’s Project Skins, which gave some characters a futuristic look, has also gone through an upgrade.

As expected of every online game, there are balance changes and tweaks to numerous heroes including Nidalee and Taliyah as well as changes to items including buffs for Ardent Censer and Mikael’s Crucible.