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Phil Spencer Is Totally Fine With Xbox App For Mac, But It’s About Development Priorities

Most of the Microsoft’s apps are available to users on different platforms, however, Mac users some times feel that the company is not interested in bringing its Xbox app for Mac. Apps like OneDrive and Office 2016 work fine on the Mac, however, today’s Windows 10 mobile users can not use the Windows phone Mac app to sync their content.

Groove music and Xbox app are also not available on Mac, but things could change as Phil Spencer is totally cool with Xbox app on Mac. When a user asked Phil Spencer on Twitter about his stance on Xbox App on Mac, Spencer replied that he is totally fine with that, but its just development priorities.

However, many of you would be scratching your head right now, as Mac is not a popular choice for playing games, and only 3.6% of Steam gamers use Mac for gaming while the 95.5 % of the gamers use Windows.

Given that very little amount of players using Mac does not mean that Apple is not taking gaming seriously. Last year Apple announced that its Mac OS X will support Metal, it is a low level and low overhead hardware accelerated graphics and compute API. Also there are some games available for for Mac on Apple’s own App Store and Steam.

However, Sony has been supporting Mac for some time, as the company has made its PS4 Remote Play available for both PC and Mac. Also PlayStation 3 gamepad is popular among Mac gamers, as Microsoft has not released Mac drivers for its Xbox gamepad.

If the Xbox App on Mac could support DVR features and game streaming, then it is an opportunity for Microsoft to stay relevant in the PC market.

Do you think Microsoft will release Xbox app on Mac? Do you use a PC or a Mac for gaming? Let us know in the comments.