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Shuhei Yoshida Talks About The Last Guardian Development, E3 Highlights

Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida sat down for the last episode of the Playstation BlogCast, where he gave his own thoughts on E3 and spoke about The Last Guardian and its infamously long development cycle.

The game was given a trailer at E3 2016, which finally gave it a release date of October 25.

The Last Guardian is the latest offering from Team ICO, who developed the classic games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. In the game, you play a young boy as you befriend a giant beast named Trico. The two of you must make your way through a giant crater filled with ruins and sinister enemies to lead Trico to freedom.

Yoshida said that he was excited to finally give The Last Guardian a release date, and that there had been a great deal of discussion with the game’s developers over whether to show it at E3 or not. The game has been playtested multiple times; now, it’s being polished, debugged, and tweaked.

Apparently Team ICO has been constantly improving the game as they were developing it, and will continue to do so up until the very last minute. Their confidence that the game would be ready by that time led to the game’s announcement date trailer.

Yoshida also spoke of numerous indie games that were at E3, including Brutal, Abz├╗, Rain World, and Headlander. Yoshida spoke highly of the quality and uniqueness of all of the games, such as Headlander’s central mechanic (you’re a disembodied head with a rocket booster that solves puzzles by defeating enemies and replacing their head with yours).

Considering we still have around four months until The Last Guardian finally releases, maybe during that time some of the indie games will release and be worth a play before it releases, so we’ll have to have confidence that Team ICO will release yet another stellar game.