Star Citizen Dev Forced to Issue $2500 Refund To a Backer After Change in ToS

Cloud Imperium Games, the developers of the ambitious space sim Star Citizen, just lost a bit of money from their considerable coffers of over $100 million. Cloud Imperium Games has had to refund around $2500 of a backer’s money after the person filed a claim against the developers.

The backer, Streetroller, described Star Citizen as a scam in his claim and after various discussions with CIG and other US agencies, he finally took his case to the California Attorney General after which the developers had to refund the amount Streetroller had invested in the game through its crowdfunding.

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Star Citizen has been in development for a very long time which is a cause of concern for a lot of backers, who have donated a combined $117 million the development of the game. Many of those concerns are also rightly placed since the developers constantly keep changing their stance on the game’s development.

One of the biggest reasons for concern is the game’s modular design and the way CIG has been releasing them to be played by backers, in incredibly unfinished state even after years of development. This made many backers consider getting a refund since it doesn’t seem as if the game will ever see the light of the day.

What finally prompted Streetroller to ask for a refund was the recent change of Star Citizen’s Terms of Service. The TOS originally allowed anyone to request a refund if after 18 months of their pledge the items and services in their pledge package hadn’t been delivered.

The new TOS removed this option and players can now only claim refunds if developers cease development on Star Citizen.

CIG pointed out its delivery dates were always “estimates”, and compared the development time to the likes of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, which took between four and five years to make.

The developers also stated that they issued a refund not because they “owed” it to Streetroller but because it was in their own best interest and this does not mean that anyone who requests a refund in the future will be entertained.