Pokemon Go to Release in 200 Countries Soon

Pokemon Go released for Android and iOS devices in U.S and Australia. Its success speaks for itself as it crossed 15 million downloads. Since it’s only available in limited regions its success is still limited. However, that won’t be the case for long.

According to John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic, Pokemon Go will release in around 200 countries soon. One can only imagine how far the game’s success may go. Also, you will soon see crazed players wandering the streets in your country as well.

Hopefully, we will see less unfortunate incident from other regions. So far, we have heard about a girl who found a dead body in Wind River while playing the game. Also, there are reports of criminals luring victims using Pokemon Go.

Furthermore, two grown men fell off a cliff in California. Both men were playing Pokemon Go, a new augmented reality game, while they plunged 75 to 100 feet. Fire fighters rescued a man while they found the other man unconscious 50 feet down the bluff. Thankfully, both survived and were rushed to a nearby trauma center.

Pokemon Go is available on the App Store and Google’s Play Store. While playing Go, make sure you keep track of your surroundings.

On a related note, Nintendo is planning to release on Pokemon GO Plus later this month. According to the developers, Go Plus will release on July 29.

Go Plus is a wristwatch-like device that is going sync with your phone via Bluetooth. When both spot a Pokemon they’ll buzz, alerting you to the Pokemon’s presence. All you have to do is press a button and grab the Pokemon rather than opening the app and searching for one.