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Pokemon Go Players Fell off a Cliff in California

Since the release of Pokemon Go many players have found themselves in precarious situations. First, we heard that a teen found a dead body in Wind River while she was looking for a rare Pokemon. Elsewhere, armed robbers were reportedly using Pokemon Go to lure victims.

Today, we have an even unfortunate piece of news.

According to a report from LA Times, two men fell of a cliff while playing Pokemon Go. The incident took place in California, North San Diego County, on Thursday.

Both men were playing Pokemon Go, a new augmented reality game, while they plunged 75 to 100 feet. Fire fighters rescued a man while they found the other man unconscious 50 feet down the bluff. Thankfully, both survived and were rushed to a nearby trauma center.

They got away with minor injuries.

I think people just need to realize this is a game,” Sgt. Rich Eaton of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said. “It’s not worth your life. No game is worth your life

Pokemon Go released for iOS and Android devices recently and has become an overnight craze among the community.

People are seen playing the game at late hours outside their homes, dark parking lots, parks; potentially risking their lives. Criminals are using this  game as a tool to lure victims and appropriately 4 armed robbery cases have been reported.

Thankfully, robbers were apprehended but it wouldn’t be long before a different group tried to do the same. People should avoid playing the game at late hours and be very careful of their surrounding. Of course, beware of cliffs you might fall off of.