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Pokemon Go Player Stabbed Multiple Times in Park by a Group of Men

On Wednesday, a man in his late 20’s was stabbed multiple times by a group of men at Schweitzer Park on the 200 block of Bel Air Street in Anaheim.

The man was playing Pokemon Go at late hours of the night, 12:30 A.M. Wandering in the park alone he came across a group that stabbed him multiple times. Motive for the attack in unknown. However, police is fairly certain that the attackers didn’t lure him to the park.

This means that he stumbled upon the group and was attacked shortly after.

Paramedics rushed the man to a nearby hospital where he was treated. By God’s miracle his injuries wasn’t life threatening and doctors are certain he would recover.

The report follows another story that broke online regarding two men who fell off a cliff. Both men were playing Pokemon Go and didn’t pay attention to their environment. They suffered minor injuries after falling 50 to 70ft in the bluff.

Many unfortunate events followed the release of Pokemon Go. One of the players found a dead body in the river while looking for Pokemon Go. Elsewhere, armed robbers were caught luring victims in.

Players need to be aware of their surroundings while playing this augmented reality game.

On a related note, Pokemon Go is now more popular than Porn on Google. It crossed 15 million downloads! The success of Go shows that Nintendo should consider releasing its game to third party platforms.

Source: LA TIMES