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Hillary Clinton to Host Pokemon GO event, Pokemon for Votes?

Well, I guess the Hillary badge is now up for grabs. Democratic presumptive and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton plans to host a Pokemon GO “Gotta Catch ‘Em’ All” event at Lakewood, Ohio this coming Saturday, July 16.

The event will take place at the Madison Park PokeStop. Okay, but really how cool would it be if people get a Hillary badge? Perhaps Trump Rocket can then crash the party and steal all the Pokemon. Or maybe Hillary is the bad guy here? Maybe this is a ruse?

The campaign’s official website explains the plan to place lure modules around the area to bait Pokemon. This information will spread to players and consequently attract all the Ash Ketchums to the event.

The description invites supporters, families, and kids of all ages to join the fun. Furthermore, Gym Leader Hillary Clinton will be available to fight as the final boss. Alright, maybe not that.

Pokemon GO continues to grow with each passing day. Earlier this week, news broke out that Pokemon GO might establish a partnership with McDonald’s. Savvy players managed to find strings deep in-game that pointed towards McDonald’s becoming a sponsored location.

This will likely expand to other big retailers as well. Additionally, Pokemon GO’s current state is not even the full range of features the app will offer. Trading has been promised to arrive in a future update by Niantic CEO John Hanke. Perhaps Hillary can trade Mewtwos for votes?

The augmented reality game has become a cultural icon. A world wide phenomenon. Now, it seems like Pokemon GO might very well go down in history. Think about it, it’s almost certain that the next World War could be waged with Pokemon GO. At any rate, Pokemon GO keeps growing, with over 15 million players in just over a week after its release.