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“Pokedrone” Allows You To Catch More Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go has only been out for two weeks and already the “Pokedrone”, a drone that you can fly around to cover more distance than you could on foot, is now a thing. The drone, developed by TRNDlabs, might be the answer you’re looking for if you don’t think you’re catching Pokemon fast enough. This can only add to the madness that the game has already caused.

The Pokedrone is a drone that’s connected directly to your phone via WiFi. Once it’s connected, you can hook up your phone to the drone’s control system and fly it wherever you want, allowing you to go anywhere in the drone’s range to help catch more Pokemon. The drone makes use of its own GPS system, allowing you to keep your phone with you to be able to catch Pokemon.

You don’t even need to be worried about not being able to fly a drone; the Pokedrone has its own automatic take off and landing systems, so you don’t have to worry about making a crash landing. The drone can also hover in one place to allow you to catch all the Pokemon around it without having to worry about making it stay in one place.

Considering the multiple accidents that have happened with Pokemon Go in the last few days, the Pokedrone is also a safer alternative to keeping yourself safe. Now you don’t have to go swim in a river, walk along hazardous paths, or do something like tying your phone to your dog’s back in order to hatch an egg.

TRNDlabs’s new drone isn’t available yet, but you can go to their website and sign up to be notified about its availability, if you don’t have enough confidence in your walking and driving abilities to be able to catch Pokemon on your own.

TRNDlabs has a history of making drones of all shapes and sizes, so you can just head to their website if you want to know about when their latest product will be available.