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New Overwatch Maps, Comic for Ana, New Game Modes Confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment

We wonder how this might have skipped your mind but did you know that Blizzard Entertainment’s Jeff Kaplan just held a livestream on Twitch? In the livestream hosted by Ster, he has revealed a horde of new details on the future of the game and the Season 2.

In a Q&A styled session, the game director confirmed that in order to keep you indulged, the developers are working on not one but four new Overwatch maps. However, the focus point here is that they are working on four maps which doesn’t necessitate that all four will be released.

We do hope they do!

To accompany the new locations, you are also going to get some new game modes. For which Kaplan could only confirm that although they are targeted to match the new content, the first new map will not be accompanied by a new game mode.

May be some new skins being released before summer could make up for that? They will.

Moving on from the new Overwatch maps and game modes, the developers shed some light on the Season 2 in general as well.

Without saying it explicitly, Blizzard Entertainment might have hinted at hero stacking being experimented in the Season 2; and as already expected, coin flip is doing to be dropped.

Another confirmation that came from the livestream on Ster’s Twitch channel was that Overwatch developers are going to reduce the lengths of competitive matches. This is clearly going to have an impact on the gameplay and even in the way your attacks work, because attack times might get reduced.

There also were a number of other details apart from the new Overwatch maps, hero stacking, coin flip and so on, so it would be a good idea to read up on the complete list compiled by Redditors here.